In our comprehensive modern CNC machines, we offer precision machined machine parts and various spare parts to our valued customers. In its field, using a unique technique and technology with experienced staff, especially in the production sector serves in many areas. In Eskişehir and all cities of our country, we process first class products at very low prices with our machines having the latest technology at a competitive cost.

Lacin Makina, Turkey Eskisehir Organized Industrial Site, with the latest technologies with CNC milling machines with CNC Lathes, special machinery and spare parts production order is an organization that has been making and procurement.

Our team of qualified CNC operators help our customers in the best way by analyzing different levels of business complexity in technical knowledge. Thanks to the extensive scope of our CNC machines, we can complete both a wide range of products and large quantities.

The production time and pricing of the part orders of our customers vary according to the quantity of parts to be processed. Our most important priorities are the timely and complete completion of any project reaching our company.

Lacin Makina has designed and manufactured CNC Turning and Milling processes to exceed the highest quality and safety standards in our country as well as internationally.